Private Pilot License

A childhood dream

Learning to Fly

Since I can remember, it has always been a dream of mine to get a private pilot license.

After a long decision process, and saving up for years, I finally started my studies to become a pilot in late 2014.

In order to become a pilot, then you first need to pass several (8!) written exams. These exams involve everything about flying like; navigation, engine, aerodynamics and meteorology.. just to name a few. It was quite overwhelming and you are not allowed to start the practical studies, actually flying a plane, before you have completed all exams.

I finally did it, in 2015 I passed all exams and was ready to start learning to fly. I had an amazing instructor and flew all my 45 training hours in his Cessna 150. A great plane to get started - you feel everything :)

In February, 2016 then I was up for my practical test, which I passed, and could then call myself a pilot!
I currently fly in two different planes in the local flying club that you can learn more about here.

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