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Full Circle

My passion for making games started with the LEGO brick and my career started with Unity and here I am today, launching a project that combines the two passions in the best possible way.

When I started a LEGO then I always felt it was important to engage and inspire the wider LEGO community. When joining LEGO Games my role as Sr. Technical Lead also involves helping all our great partners to get LEGO bricks rendered on the screen. For that, we have developed a lot of tools, assets and packages for our partners - to make it very easy to get a LEGO model on the screen.

When we started talking with Unity then it made so much sense to use this opportunity to share these tools with the wider community - to see what games they would create with the tools.

The project became LEGO Microgame, an awesome intuitive way to learn both Unity and making LEGO Games. We wanted to make coding even more approachable, so besides providing the tools to import your own LEGO model, then we also create Behaviour Bricks, a way to “program” your LEGO models by placing bricks on them.

You can learn more about the project here.

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