En Verden af Vand


This one got weird

This one is a bit difficult to explain, but let me try.

Troels and myself had a long-running beef going about which movie is the best Troy or Waterworld - yes I know..

That beef ran for years and listeners was constantly referring to it. One day a listener sent us a gift.. the book based on the movie Waterworld, translated (poorly) to Danish.

We decided this book is too good not to share with our listeners, but how. We decided to get Hans (a Film Snak co-host), to read the book out loud for us as episodic content during December - a Christmas advert calendar.

It was propably the most fun I have ever had on a podcast, every episode was so fun to record. If you want to hear the madness then you can still find the episodes here (in Danish). Listen to En Verden af Vand